Keep your IT Running effectively with Resilio!

Scale and complexity of IT is ever increasing, with newer and faster applications, new areas for automation and competitive pressure for using cutting edge technology. Many customers struggle to navigate through these complexities mainly because of constraints on the right technology resources.

Resilio with it’s focus on core technologies and engineers with many years of industry experience, is in the right position to assist our customers to design, adopt and run complex IT Infrastructure.

Professional Services

Our customized professional services are aimed at meeting any requirement and budget.

Excellent technical knowledge, deep understanding of customer situations and practice of global processes, make our consultants flexible and efficient.

Serious attention is given to understand customer requirements fully, before starting the implementation. This results in well planned execution of the project and excellent customer satisfaction.


Solution Design

Vendor Management




Servers & Clusters


Enterprise Backup




Managed Services

With IT spreading wings far and wide and growing in complexity, training and retaining quality IT support professionals become very challenging.

Reslio can step in and run your IT infrastructure fully or partially. We can work with your internal team to give specialist operation support or we can do periodic monitoring and advice you on IT health and potential action plans.

System Administration

Vendor Management

Server Management

Storage Management

Backup Management

SAN Management


System Administration

Manpower Augmentation

Training Services


Effective usage of the IT infrastructure is essential to realise maximum ROI for the business. It is also important to understand the trends in IT, specific to a particular industry to adopt and stay ahead of competition.


Our articulate instructors with vast industry experience can train your technical staff as well as users to make effective usage of the IT deployed. This will reduce downtime and dramatically improve efficiency.


Our technology specialist can train you on emerging technologies, thus helping you to understand, choose and deploy most appropriate technologies.

Corporate Training

  • Enterprise Server
  • Operating Systems
  • Enterprise Cluster & Virtualization
  • Enterprise Backup
  • Storage
  • SAN
  • HP Software Products
  • Veritas Products